How to Start the Project initiation Phase: Using Software to Create Plan Documents and Keep Project Teams Organized

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Understanding project concept becomes extremely important when it comes to getting involved with a particular project. This helps in determining the strength of the project in terms of resources as well as the size of the project and also tells us whether the project would be approved. So draft and design a project in such a way that it gets approved. Once the project has been approved, the project initiation phase starts (Do not confuse it with pilot projects. Pilot projects and Project Initiation phase are completely two different things, although they may sound similar at times.). Project Initiation phase starts when the purpose of a new project is defined. A pilot base is prepared which is used for incorporating various elements of a project management system - Secondary and Primary Goals of the Project, Project Communication Plan, Forming project team, expected time to complete the project and integrating and utilizing resources effectively. In fact project initiation phase is an integral part of project requirement process which helps one understand their project management software requirements to efficiently optimize the core project management initiatives and synchronize project goals with actual project development.

Outlining a Project Case Study

The first step in developing a project is drafting a project case study which provides its complete business overview. It defines various project-centric problems and addresses some simple and complex project related issues by identifying a project solution to be implemented with the help of project management software at the initial level. Thus project management software is often referred to as preferred opportunity-based solution which helps implementing project plan through all available resources giving analytical direction to essential project initiatives. For this a project sponsor acts as a volunteer and prepares a detailed description of project business strategy for identifying critical project management solutions and understanding project management requirement processes in the collaborative environment of project planning and implementation.

Term Referencing and Feasibility

After developing a project management case overview, the project sponsor identifies the immediate needs of project management requirement process. This is achieved by the sponsor setting objectives and working comprehensively on those objectives through an investigative approach. Here implementation of project management software holds extreme importance. Project management software compiles a number of project tasks in one feasible module called Feasibility Study of Project Management and Project Planning. It organizes and analyzes various project related issues in terms of proper risk assessment, financial support team collaboration and system integration to achieve target solution.

However, the feasibility study is approached practically by another important project management asset called Terms of Reference. In terms of reference, the pragmatic evaluation of goals, objectives, vision, scope and risks takes place. It helps in further refining the available resources and structural inputs essential for getting project deliverables. And for this, one has no other option but to rely on Project management software. PM software not only makes the project management process feasible but they also help in determining critical organizational resources and activities needed for smooth project management.

Team Collaboration and Office overview

Project sponsor, after working on Project Feasibility Study and Terms of Reference, interacts with project manager to appoint an efficient project team. In fact, the project sponsor is the one who first appoints project manager and then appoints other team members after taking proper consultation from their team manager. The task of appointing a team can be a challenging since it requires right judgement aptitude apart from basic workforce management skills. Based on skills and experience, project sponsor forms their project team and assigns tasks according to roles and responsibilities. Project management software makes this thing easier.

Project team works collaboratively in a well-set up office environment with available office equipments like telephones, internet connection, networking, database management tools etc. Some basic task that a project team does are managing project documents, project budget, project methodology and resource utilities.

Thus project management software is the best tool or medium to address all the project-centric issues and pull out the essential project deliverables envisioned in the project initiation phase. In essence, project management software makes project smoother in the initiation phase itself so that nothing goes missing in the successful completion of a project.