Top Task List Applications Used by the Project Manager

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Different Task List Choices

What are some favorite task list applications in Project Management? Run over this list of project management software reviews and see if you find the one you prefer.

  • Microsoft Outlook seems to be the hands down choice of many. The obvious downside is monetary. Outlook can cost between $100 and $200 to purchase. The software does allow you to integrate your to do list with your e-mail and calendar. As a project manager, you need to be able to view your team’s individual calendars to coordinate meetings with them and other contractors. Outlook gives you that flexibility and pm programs tips. You can also assign them tasks and check on their progress through Outlook. The ability to sync Outlook tasks to your hand held device or cell phone is an added bonus. For Mac users, ical is functional and you can add widgets to make it more efficient.
  • Smarttodolist is an easy favorite with a free version and an upgrade for $14.95. It is user friendly, intuitive and it allows you to create templates. You can save your list to a flash drive and take it with you anywhere. Easy keword commands save time too.
  • Remember the Milk is an easy to use task management system available for free on the internet. It allows you to manage your tasks and make due date lists, and it interfaces with many different internet e-mails and instant messaging applications as well as most cell phone and hand held devices. You can link to maps to plan out your route for efficiency and invite others to share tasks. If you need more features than the many free ones available, you will be charged an additional $25 to access them.
  • Mytextfile is similar to Todoist but requires a google account for login. Todoist is much like Remember the Milk but presents your information in a different format. If you are a Google fan this is probably the best solution for you. It isn’t as user friendly as Remember the Milk, but it has plenty of keyboard shortcuts, plugins and widgets just check out thesoftware tutorials for instruction on how to use it. On the project side, it allows you to set up sub tasks and sub projects, and you can group your projects for better streamlining. It is free, which helps its ranking.

The task list offerings on the internet range from free to hundreds of dollars. Most are in the $15 - $30 range. Each of them have multiple capabilities. If you already have software on your computer, that is the best place to start. If the software you have isn’t doing the trick, try the free web based applications next. Make sure you compare task list applications that carry a fee to insure you are getting everything you need before making a purchase.