Review of Lighthouse: Online Issue Tracking Software

Review of Lighthouse:  Online Issue Tracking Software
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Why Issue Tracking Is Vital

A computer software package that maintains and manages a list of issues requiring attention is called an issue tracking system. Such systems are very commonly used by an organization to create, update and resolve customer issues or those pointed out by their own team members. Such an issue tracking system would create and have a knowledge base that contains information on each issue raised, the person raising the issue, the resolution planned for that issue and other relevant data. An issue tracking system is very similar to bug tracking software, and quite often the two are used in the same context.

Updating the Way Things Used to Be

Issue tracking systems create a ticket to keep track of a particular issue and all actions taken by the support staff while responding to such a ticket are noted in the ticket. This is similar to that used to be maintained by customer support services in companies that would list all the details of the customer and his problems on a card. The card was then put into a slot meant for particular engineers or staff who were supposed to solve these problems.

Lighthouse Issue Tracking Software (4 out of 5)

If you’re in need of issue and/or bug tracking software, Lighthouse is a good tool to consider. There are also features in Lighthouse that can keep your projects private, and the software has plug-ins that greatly extend functionality. Lighthouse also allows you to customize its developer API so that you have greater control over your project and can set up libraries as you see fit. You can also integrate your email so that better communication is assured among users.

Flexibility (4 out of 5)

Once issue tracking becomes a habit in any project management team, the problems, bugs or issues are all more easily solved and managed. The complete action resolution process is saved in a knowledge base that is available to all members of the team so that similar problems or bugs can be avoided. This is where Lighthouse is able to outdo almost all other project management software options as it does all of the administrative work for you. The interface is very simple to use and friendly as well.

The cost of Lighthouse depends on the scale of your projects, and even though you can set up the issue tracking system for free, paying the fees would enable even the most complex of projects or organizations having a number of projects to be easily dealt with. The company advertises it as adaptable for those with small or large teams. It is a much cheaper solution than others that are there in the market

Technical Support (4 out of 5)

Lighthouse also provides technical support on almost a 24 / 7 basis, and this itself makes their issue tracking system and its administration a very comforting addition to the project management tools that you may already have in your company or organization. Lighthouse very easily integrates with other applications, providing great flexibility in managing bugs or issues that develop in these systems.

Verdict (4 out of 5)

Essentially, Lighthouse is able to take care of a lot of administrative and other issues on which project managers would otherwise have to spend a lot of time. You can even convert the tickets generated into milestones, so that they are tackled just in time when needed and resources are more correctly used. You can try the free trial without inputting a credit card.

Visit the Lighthouseapps Website for more info.