A Scope Change Template for Projects

A Scope Change Template for Projects
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It’s not always that a project may proceed smoothly as per plans, at some point the project may need to drift from the pre-set plans. On such occasions the project team must issue a scope change request to intimate all project stakeholders about the change in plans. Here’s a link to a scope change template that will come in handy during such situations. As for using this template – just read through the instructions that follow.

Using the Scope Change Template

The top section of the template is meant for some basic details like the name of the project, name of the persons who have prepared and authorized it and the date of issue as well as the date on which it is authorized. Also, each scope change request can be assigned a unique reference number, to make it easier for a future reference, which can be mentioned in this header.

Description of Requested Change

This section is where the desired change in the scope of the project needs to be explained in detail. Along with the description of the change, logical reasons that support this change also must be mentioned alongside to substantiate the change. On the far right of this section is a column where the person authorizing the change request can assign it a priority ranging from critical priority to low priority.

The problems which can affect the project if the change is not carried out can be enlisted in the subsequent section. This list of problems will further support the need for a change in the scope of the project. The project team initiating the change request can

also talk about any thought-out solutions in the space provided for the same in the scope change request template.

The Impact of Change

The final section of the template is meant to describe the impact the change will have on various aspects of the project. Here’s a list of the impacts that need to be discussed in the scope change request:

  • Impact on the overall objective of the project.
  • Impact on the project timeline – whether the time schedule will get shortened or stretched as a result of the change.
  • Impact on the deliverables – it is likely that the project deliverables may change if the proposed change is significant, while in case of minor changes the deliverables may not get affected at all.
  • Impact on technical requirements – any change in the technology required for completing the project successfully, after incorporating the change, can be described here on the scope change template.
  • Impact on the finances – some changes can cut down the costs while others may add strain to the project budget, whatever be the impact it must be clearly described in the scope change request.
  • Impact on the project risk – here the list of risks that may get added or that may get diffused once the change is carried out can be elaborated.

At the end of the template there is some space where any of the concerned project stakeholders can mention any additional information concerning the scope change of the project.

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