Sample Team Monthly Report Template in Excel: Free Download & Tips for Usage

Sample Team Monthly Report Template in Excel: Free Download & Tips for Usage
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Project Status Reports

Many people consider status reports to be one of the necessary evils of project management. After all, who wants to spend time filling out paperwork when that time could actually be spent on the project itself? On the other hand, without accurate and regular status reports, it’s hard to tell just what has been accomplished and if the project is still on track.

In our Project Management Media Gallery, we have a project team monthly template that can be used to easily track the status of all project tasks, whether they are complete, in progress, or not yet begun. Feel free to download and modify this form for your own project needs.

To access the form, click on the following link: Monthly Team Status Report Template

Sections of the Template

The team monthly report template is broken into three sections:

  • Completed Items – In this section, team members can record which tasks have been completed, who worked on the task, and the actual date of completion. There is also a section for notes so that any important remarks can be added. As an example, you may want to make note of tasks that were completed early, so that you can give special recognition to the team members involved.

  • In Progress – This portion of the template is for recording information related to ongoing tasks that have been started but not yet complete. Along with being able to list team members involved in each task, you can also fill in an estimated completion date along with any pertinent notes. For instance, if the task hasn’t been completed by the date listed on the original project schedule, you can make note of the reasons why.

  • Assigned But Not Started – You can use this part of the template to keep track of all those tasks that have actually been assigned to team members, but haven’t been started yet. In addition to recording the name of the members responsible for each task, you can also record the estimated start date and any notes. If the task hasn’t been started because the team is still waiting for deliverables from other members or because a signature is missing on the sign-off form, those items can be noted on the status report.

Using for Multiple Projects

One of the nice things about this particular team monthly report is that it is designed to be used for multiple projects. This can be particularly helpful if you’re a department head with a group who is constantly being “loaned out” to other departments for work, and you’re having a tough time keeping track of who is working on what. It’s also a great way for individual project managers to see what other projects their team members might be involved in that don’t fall under their jurisdiction.

The template can also be used for individual team members to help keep track of their own assigned duties and accomplishments. Even though the form is designed for monthly use, it can easily be adapted to include daily, weekly, or yearly data. In fact, individuals may want to keep this documentation for themselves, whether it is required by a project manager or not. If you regularly update the template, it could make writing that annual self-performance appraisal a breeze!

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