Implementing Project Management Skills in Other Jobs

Implementing Project Management Skills in Other Jobs
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What Skills Are Involved in Project Management?

Before we can discuss the ways that project management skills are beneficial to other industries, it is important to understand the kinds of skills project managers possess. Of course, there’s always the obvious skills: Planning, scheduling, time-management, scope management, risk assessment, etc., but there’s also other skills involved. These skills include managing people, resolving conflicts, communication, and teamwork. Because these other skills also often happen to be what job recruiters are looking for in any field or discipline, project managers and those with project management training can be invaluable to a company, no matter what the discipline is because project managers possess those skills.

Planning, Time Management, Risk Management, Etc.

These are often referred to as the core project management skills, but they don’t have to be limited to project management. In starting a new business or running an already established business, these core values and skills are essential in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the number of tasks that must be completed, and in order to avoid overlooking key steps to business success. For example, if you are starting a new business, you may need to apply for a license. To apply for a license, you must first write a business plan. Creating a business plan has several steps. Project managers and those with project management training are adept at completing these tasks because they already know how to break a project down into its component steps, perform risk analyses, manage time and a schedule, and more. When trying to get something started, it is vital to be able to plan carefully and analyze risks. When something is already underway, changes should be monitored carefully and planned in an organized manner.

Soft Skills - Managing Resources, Conflict Resolution, Teamwork, Etc.

We live in a time where the workforce is becoming more collaborative. Because project managers and those with project management skills are accustomed to working with teams and with managing other people, they are adept to perform well in this new workplace. Because part of the every day project manager skills set is to resolve conflicts, project managers are also qualified to take positions where conflict resolution may be needed. For example, in software development, the client and the developer may not always agree upon what features should be included for a particular software program. Project managers are good at mediating between different interests. In academia, project managers might be especially adept at making sure all members of a research team are on task and where they need to be.

The Future of Project Management

Project management is the wave of the future when it comes to businesses. Project management methodologies are beneficial to companies because they keep costs down. By having project management skills, you make yourself more marketable - no matter what field of work you decide to pursue. Finally, project management is not going away anytime soon. At least for the time being, it is a very popular business practice. By being trained with project management skills, you make yourself far more useful to a company (as you do with building any skills related to business practices).