ESTI International Survey Identifies Key Challenges to Successful Project Management

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Who Performed the Survey?

ESI International regularly surveys top level people to look at issues that can push executives off the road to successful project management. ESI International seeks to assist with project management, contract management, business analysis and skills, and program management. Their website offers various resources geared at helping businesses to succeed. They also offer certificates in project management, government contracting, business analysis, and more.

What Is the List of Pressing Issues?

The survey found at least twelve areas where challenges arise when attempting successful project management. These challenges are as follows:

  • Managing complex projects
  • Adapting to changing metrics and requirements and successfully tracking progress and outcomes of a project
  • Responding to organizational and environmental changes impacting the project
  • Prioritizing projects
  • Effective communication with team members and stakeholders
  • Developing and improving analysis competencies
  • Integrating project management with business analysis functions
  • Management of global projects
  • Dealing with cultural issues
  • Managing risk with high profile projects
  • Implementing solution development
  • Determining which requirement fits the organization.

Because knowing limitations helps to circumvent the issues from arising in a specific project, this list is invaluable to project managers and executives. It is also valuable to those who wish to run consultation businesses – as being able to handle these challenges will make services invaluable to companies. Because these challenges can make a difference between successful project management and project failure, it is vital that companies are able to find ways to handle them.

What Can be Done?

Several things can be done in order to avoid project management disasters. The most expensive option is to hire a consultation group like ESI International or any of the many project management companies. A second option is to find software that fits the needs of the corporation. Project and portfolio management software that caters to beginners or simple projects will not be powerful enough to provide assistance in the event of a complex project. Selection of project management software then becomes crucial to successful project management. BrightHub PM offers a number of software reviews to help with this process.

Another thing that can be done to prevent challenges from taking over the project management process is to carefully plan the project. By taking the time to identify places for the project to go awry, you can effectively predict and then search for solutions to the problem before it takes the project down with it.

The above list is a place to start for finding out where challenges may arise. In planning for these issues before you face them, your team will be in a better position for project management success.