Resource Management in Software Project Management - Part V

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Deallocation and Release Activities

Once all the planned activities to be completed by a resource are completed and no further allocation is planned for the person or object, we need to release that resource. We release human resources to an HR department or Resource Allocation department, computer resources to the Systems Administration department; and monetary resources, if any remaining, to the Finance Department. When we release resources, we need to perform the following activities.

Performance Appraisals for Human Resources

When we release human resources, we need to complete the performance appraisal for the resource being released. This appraisal consists of the following activities:

  1. Complete the performance appraisal in conformance with organizational practice, discuss it with the resource, get it reviewed by the concerned authority, and submit it to the HR department.
  2. Update the skill database records for the resource being released.
  3. Discuss with the resource opportunities for improvement of his performance as well as any feedback he may have about the project execution.

Releasing Monetary Resources

Any remaining money at the end of the project’s execution should be returned to the Finance Department. The PM needs to prepare an itemized reconciliation statement showing the actual expenditures vis-à-vis the planned expenditures, recording reasons for deviations, if any. This will assist in a cost analysis of the project spending to draw lessons for future project cost estimation.

Release Other Resources

This activity includes handing over resources to the concerned departments when they are released from the project fulfilling the formalities mentioned in the above sections. Following these steps allows for accountability, and a checks and balance system that is crucial for current and future projects.

Document Lessons Learned in Planning and Utilization of Resources

A lessons-learned document following the project will need to include the following:

  1. Planned quantity of resources planned and actual quantity of resources utilized, with reasons explaining any variances.
  2. Planned skill sets of human resources and actual skill sets utilized, with reasons for variance.
  3. Any issues faced in effectively utilizing the resources with an analysis of solutions implemented, and how these can be prevented in future projects.
  4. Any exceptional results obtained from any resource with analysis of how this can be sustained in future projects.
  5. Any other matter relevant to the future resource planning and utilization.

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