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Responsibities of a Six Sigma Project Champion

written by: Vaseem Khan • edited by: Michele McDonough • updated: 10/12/2012

Are you a new Six Sigma project champion trying to determine what exactly your responsibilities are for the project? Or, are you trying to figure out the best person to select for the role? We'll take a look at the key roles of a project champion along with what traits makes one an asset.

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    In Six Sigma, a project champion is an individual who has the authority to use resources within or outside an organization for completion of a given project. A project champion is chosen by the management so as to ensure supervision of a specific project right from its initiation phase to its execution phase.

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    An individual who is identified as a project champion is generally declared while framing the Project Charter. A project champion acts as a single point of contact between the executives responsible in executing a project, including the project manager and the top management. The following are the key roles played by a project champion:

    • Sets benchmarks associated with a project and periodically reviews a project’s success in meeting the benchmarks set.Project Plan - Gant Chart 
    • Modifies the scope of a project based on its status.
    • Grants or dismisses additional resources based on the modification of the scope.
    • Monitors the changes in the project and acts as a guide to drive the execution of a project successfully.
    • Helps in eliminating any obstacles which hamper a project’s success by conducting a risk assessment of a project.
    • Ensures best practices are deployed by the team while executing a project.
    • Makes decisions on prioritizing individual project phases so as to eliminate redundancies while executing a project.
    • Makes a note of the best practices and focuses on obtaining continuous improvement while executing a project.
    • Reports to the top management about the status of the project.
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    Traits of a Good Project Champion

    The top management of an organization may find the task of choosing a good project champion to be challenging. This is mainly because of the demanding nature of the job responsibilities that a project champion handles. Choosing the right project champion can determine the outcome of a project to a certain extent. Some of the traits that you should consider while choosing a Project Champion are as follows:

    • He should be able to understand the management’s needs and relate it to the customer’s expectations.
    • Be well versed with the technical aspects which are involved while executing a project.
    • Should be inspirational to motivate the team and get the best out of them in terms of work performance.
    • Should be able to achieve results with minimal or no errors while monitoring the entire execution phase of a project.
    • Should have the ability to handle a large team and delegate the work by identifying the team’s areas of strengths.

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    A project champion is usually an employee of the company belonging to the top managerial group. The chances of hiring a project champion on a contractual basis are minimal. In certain cases, the project manager takes up the role as champion if an appropriate individual to fill the position of project champion is not found.

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