Review of SantexQ - A Free Online Project Management Application

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What is SantexQ?

SantexQ, known affectionately by its creators as “Q”, is an easy to use, web based project management system. It does more than manage projects. This program also tracks time, creates reports and facilitates billing. The best part of SantexQ is that it is being offered for free. That’s right, you heard me, the program is free. The team at Santex believe that by offering the program for free, they can receive necessary feedback and suggestions to improve future releases of Santex Q.

What does SantexQ do?

This program offers a time sheet feature where employees can clock in and out - or where you can keep track of how much time was spent on each client’s tasks. Other features of SantexQ include:

  • Easy to learn and use
  • User roles are customizable
  • A Dashboard that gives an at-a-glance picture of everything going on in your project
  • The Project Overview lists all project-related information
  • Tasks - and the ability to assign tasks
  • A Report generator
  • A Billing feature - it compiles information on all billable tasks and creates an invoice
  • All the technical support you could hope for

In addition, because SantexQ is web based, it offers the common web benefits of being accessible from anywhere. It is secure and keeps your information safe in the advent of catastrophe. Also, you do not have to fear when a new update appears on the line. The program automatically updates - making it so that you do not have to waste time on this tedious task. The design is simple and streamlined, making this program easy for anyone to use with minimal training time.

Is SantexQ for You?

In short, yes. Of the project management software I have reviewed so far, this one is my favorite. It is applicable to the independent contractor as well as the corporation. The features SantexQ boasts are outstanding for any small businesses that wished to expand and because it is free, they can still keep within their budget when it comes to project management tools. It is accessible from any location, meaning that whether you telecommute, work in an office or travel for business, you can always access your task list.