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Current Trends in Project Management Software

written by: Ronda Bowen • edited by: Michele McDonough • updated: 3/18/2012

Software is always evolving to meet the demanding needs of users, and project management applications are no exception. Here are some of the latest trends in project management software.

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    Business practices are always changing and project management methods come and go into style like clothing. Like it or not, trends pop up all over the place – even with our project management software. Here is a look at four of the latest trends you have to look forward to with project management software.

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    On Demand

    Picture courtesy of Stock.xchng More often than not, software companies are offering their programs on-demand. This means that the project management software your team uses could be available no matter where you are or what computer you are working from. This also means that the project information has a greater amount of security. Because the program is hosted on a server rather than on-site, disasters occurring on-site will not delete your valuable information. Programs offering this option include: Vertabase, QuickBase, and Central Desktop. For more information on the benefits of web-based software, see Cary Stuart's article "The 3 Best Online Project Utilities" and see my article, "Can You Really be Productive with Web-Based Software?"

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    Many of the software companies that offer their programs online also offer them for free up to a certain number of users. This allows project managers to get a real feel for the program before investing in the program for the whole company. It also makes it convenient for small businesses and startups that otherwise would not be able to afford purchasing the program for their use. Programs like GanttProject, DeskAway, and GoPlan fit this bill.

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    Scrum as a project management methodology is cropping up in project management software. This methodology asks team members to compile a backlog of their tasks, and work on tasks during the sprint - a determined amount of time where progress is made on the project.

    For more information on the Scrum methodology, see my article, "A Quick Scrum Tutorial" and Misty Faucheux' article "Scrum Methodology: Coordinating Teams to Produce Quality Products." ScrumDesk is just one of the software programs for project managers incorporating this methodology.

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    The Agile methodology is also cropping up in software programs. This methodology promotes adaptability and flexibility of team members. Often, Agile methodologies are combined with Scrum methodologies. VersionOne is one software program that has been created to deal with the demand for Agile project management software.