Utilizing Cross Platform Project Management Tools

Utilizing Cross Platform Project Management Tools
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Sometimes, at work, you use Windows-based computers. At home, however, you use a Mac, and a few of your team members prefer Linux. How, then, can work be completed when not at the office? There’s an easy solution to this problem - utilizing some of the many cross platform project management tools that are available.

What to Look for In Cross Platform Tools

The first thing you want to look for in cross platform project management tools is something that will work for every member of the project team. If you find software that works on Windows and Mac but not Linux, you take the chance of having that one team member who swears by Linux left out of the loop.

Likewise, you want to find cross platform tools that are easy to use. Sometimes you find software that is archaic or has too many bells and whistles for what your team needs. Every member of the team needs to be able to understand how the software works.

Next, you want to make sure the software you choose meets everyone’s needs. If you choose software that does everything but track time, you are missing out on a very important component of managing projects successfully. There are so many project management software options available, it is important to take advantage of demos and trial periods to find the software tool that works for you and your company

Finally, you want to be sure the company who produces the software provides some form of technical support - and that the technical support team can assist you in your needs whether you work from Windows, Mac, or Linux. Too often, the need for technical support is underestimated and it isn’t until too late that you find out it’s non-existent, or incomplete.

Cross Platform Suggestions

With all the project management software available, even when whittled down to cross platform software, the choices can still be daunting. For enterprises and large companies wishing to utilize cross platform project management software, Teamcenter can be a good choice. For more information on TeamCenter, read my review of the software. For companies ConceptDraw Office is another option. This program allows project managers to easily visualize their projects. For more information, a review on this software is available. Small businesses, start ups, and freelancers may wish to utilize some of the many free and open source software programs available.Great options are Central Desktop, Project Genius, and dotProject.