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5pm - Review

written by: Ronda Bowen • edited by: Michele McDonough • updated: 7/6/2011

This article describes and reviews the project management software, 5pm.

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    What is 5pm?

    5pm is a web-based software program produced by QG Software. This program features many helpful project management and time management tools. There is a free two-week demo available of the software. After the two-week trial period is over, then pricing ranges from $18 a month for five users to $175 a month for unlimited users.

    The producers of 5pm also offer customized plans. The company also maintains a 5pm Blog that offers instructional material and information on important updates.

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    What does 5pm do?


    Because 5pm is an on-demand software,

    it offers greater security than software for

    your office's network.

    This program is easy-to use and learn and

    provides many innovative features including:

    • Tasks tree navigation
    • A dual panel layout
    • The ability to view tasks and projects in a timeline
    • Time report creation
    • The ability to import data from Basecamp
    • Auto-Archiving
    • Email notifications
    • The ability to upload file attachments
    • RSS Support
    • The ability to import contacts from Gmail
    • Auto reminder for task deadlines
    • iCalendar interfacing
    • The ability to send emails to create tasks
    • The ability to set up a project template or task and clone it for other projects and tasks
    • Search functionality
    • Private or hidden tasks
    • A personal dashboard for staying informed of upcoming tasks.

    The best part of 5pm is that the developers are constantly working on the development of the program. In the future, 5pm will have the ability for users to create task dependencies.

    These capabilities are extremely helpful for project management. By facilitating notification processes through the use of RSS feeds and iCalendar interfacing, team members can be informed of any changes that occur in the project plan seamlessly. Being able to create private or hidden tasks allows team members to keep track of all of their tasks - not just the ones for the current project.

    One thing that is extremely useful with project management software is having the ability to upload files related to the project for all team members to view and comment on. Collaboration is one of the most useful tools for successful project management - and a program that is collaboration-oriented has much value to project managers and team members.

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    Is 5pm for You?

    5pm is for you if you like the web-based interface. It is a great tool for those who need more features than Basecamp or Central Desktop offer. Because QG Software maintains a blog and videos for how to set up 5pm it is user friendly and technical support for the program is easy to find.

    The program also allows users to customize the settings and track their tasks and projects through an RSS feed. One other item of interest? The 5pm website has a link to a computer game called "Office Space." Try not to get sucked into this while evaluating the software - the game is surprisingly addictive.