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Review of Moab Cluster Suite

written by: Jean Scheid • edited by: Marlene Gundlach • updated: 6/30/2011

If resource management is a problem for you, this user-friendly software, Moab Cluster Suite can quickly identify weak areas and maximize strengths with quick management reports.

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    Moab Cluster Suite


    Moab Cluster Suite offered by Cluster Resources, Inc located in Provo, Utah is the force behind this resource management software tool. Its main purpose is for managers to evaluate not only a project's performance but team member performance. It can analyze and report on one project or a cluster of projects. Installed on a company's server, it also analyzes team members and helps choose individuals who have high utilization rates and recommends team members for each project.

    Project managers will love the reporting on both end users and project progress. Moab Cluster suite also analyzes teams working on more than one project and can compare individual users or entire teams on results and progress on each project or as a whole. This software is an easy tool to help administrative and management personnel define their human resources with quick reports and help them choose specific team members for different jobs based on current and past performance.

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    The Cluster

    Moab Cluster Suite is a management web-based job management software system that integrates three applications:

    1. Moab Workload Manager
    2. Moab Cluster Manage
    3. Moab Access Portal.

    Some of the resource management benefits it offers are:

    • Team members or end users - Team members can submit and manage jobs within a define cluster of jobs or one job.
    • Trigger maintenance - Use of triggers to automatically maintain tasks, adjust policies or send notifications.
    • Job evaluation - Find and manage trouble spots in jobs or a cluster of similar jobs.
    • Prioritize - Helps end users prioritize jobs by deadlines.
    • Performance tracking - Tracks job progress with management reports.
    • Evaluates end users - Evaluates if end users are operating at optimal levels and identifies weak spots.
    • Management roles - Helps to define management roles; managers can add end users.
    • Security - Suggests security levels for end users and management through an authentication tool.
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    Cluster Business Benefits

    The business benefits for project management are many and include:

    • Allows managers to manage every environment within a specific cluster.
    • Sharing between team members, groups, and projects.
    • Identifies and suggests access and controls for team members and management.
    • Tracks, diagnoses, and reports on each cluster workload and offers project status reports.
    • Streamlines job turnaround and reduces administrative burden.

    System Compatibility:

    • Operating system support for Linux, Unix, Mac OSX and minimal windows support.

    Technical Requirements:

    • Operating systems - Linux, Max OS X, Windows, AIX, OSF/Tru-64, Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX, and FreeBSD.
    • Resource Managers - TORQUE, OpenPBSPro, Loadleveler, SGE, BProc, SSS XML, LSF or Wiki.
    • Other requirements - DK 1.4 or higher compatible servlet engine; Web browsers must support cookies and Java Script 1.2 or higher.
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    Review Summary

    Overall, this software is easy for companies to install as long as they have IT personnel or pay Cluster Resources to help with the install. They software is user-friendly and offers clean management reports which provide a lot of information especially when it comes to resource management. Prices for the entire Cluster Suite are module based and our attempts to contact the company were not successful; prices are determined after an evaluation of each customer's need; however, the evaluation is free from Cluster Resources, Inc.

    If your company has been ineffective in resource management, Moab Cluster Suite could solve your problems. For more information you can contact them toll-free at 1-888-221-2008 or email then at [email protected].