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The Project Planning Forms You Need to Succeed

written by: Ronda Bowen • edited by: Marlene Gundlach • updated: 4/30/2013

This article discusses useful project planning forms. There are plenty of great forms available for use; why recreate the wheel when we can direct you to free, downloadable forms?

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    What's a Project Without a Form?

    By using forms and templates for planning your projects, you can speed up and streamline your project planning process. Forms can also assist an inexperienced project manager by ensuring that no facet of project planning is forgotten. Forms are also a great way of keeping project documents consistent with one another. By using specified forms for each part of the project planning process, you can certify the regularity of all projects your company plans.

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    The Types You Need

    picture There are a number of times when project planning forms can be useful. Michele McDonough's article, Three Great Project Planning Forms describes three types of forms that are valuable when planning any project.

    • The first form is the problem definition form; project managers and team members can work on whittling their project definition down to a problem statement to be solved by undertaking the project.
    • The second form she mentions is the project benefits form. This form describes how the problem will be solved during the project lifecycle.
    • The final form mentioned by McDonough is the project overview. This form demonstrates the necessary tasks for project completion.

    The above forms are useful when just beginning the project planning process - even before the project charter has been written. Other forms can be quite useful during the project planning process as well.

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    Whatever your needs for project planning, forms can be of great assistance to the process. You'll find a veritable goldmine of forms you in Donna Cosmato's index, Collection of Free Project Management Templates and Forms.