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A Review of Lean Six Sigma Software Tools

written by: Jean Scheid • edited by: Michele McDonough • updated: 7/6/2011

We use a variety of project management software, but can using one geared toward Six Sigma really help? Or, can you define the defects upfront on your own? We took a look at SigmaFlow's Lean Six Sigma Software tools to find out.

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    Features of Lean Six Sigma

    Six Sigma by Examplecg 

    SigmaFlow Software Solutions has been around since 2001 and offers many software solutions including their Lean Six Sigma Software. Their "Workbench" Lean Six Sigma Software can be purchased for $599 and that includes a perpetual license to the product.

    Using a Best Practice Execution System, this software promises to improve standards consistently, integrate project workspaces, and manage dashboards and scorecards to show quality and visibility of all aspects of each project.

    Here's how each process of this software works.

    SigmaFlow is passionate about developing software according to their website. Here are some of Lean Six Sigma's features:

    • Achieve Commitment - This feature allows all executives and team members to get involved and keep informed at all levels.
    • Integrated Project Identification & Monitoring - This feature promises projects valued at 5% of your gross revenue.
    • Instant Expertise - Increase your results by 25%
    • Faster Results - Complete 25% more projects per year that are correct the first time.
    • Improved Communication - Each level of communication services in their software correlates with the level of the project's success.
    • Replicating Best Practice Projects - Identify and derive the benefits of future projects from past project performance.
    • Business Insight - Using decisions as a tool to gather data.
    • Sustaining Gains - Keeping projects focused and sustainable at every level.

    While all of this seems quite impressive, can this software really perform?

    We think it can with its use of road maps that connect your workspace to specific tools in the program. All aspects of SigmaFlow's Lean Six Sigma software connect and the road map tells you what you should be working on next. Once it leads you to your next task it automatically populates status and recommends the best parts of your projects.

    Their repository provides everyone real-time knowledge of the project including financial savings and this software also works for multi-project tasking. The end result features a shorter project cycle time line, higher quality, effective and smooth communications, and improved knowledge transfer.

    Usable in both the Internet and desktop versions, SigmaFlow's Lean Six Sigma also these modules:

    • Finance tracking
    • Resource management
    • Project selection
    • Standards manager tools
    • Status reporting
    • Performance metric systems
    • Best practice templates
    • Methods and training guide
    • Report generator
    • Tools for productivity and project management

    You can download a brochure on Lean Six Sigma from SigmaFlow on their website by providing your email address. Some of their clients include the IRS, The World Bank, and Johnson & Johnson.

    With Six Sigma being so widely used since its inception by the Motorola Company, more black belt Six Sigma experts are popping up for intense statistical sessions to save on costs and mishaps before they occur. SigmaFlow's Lean Six Sigma is certainly one way to use this method for your projects at a reasonable cost.

    By the way, did you know that youcan download some Six Sigma Templates right here on Brighthub.