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A Review of Gensight - Multiply Your Returns

written by: Finn Orfano • edited by: Marlene Gundlach • updated: 3/24/2013

A significant product among Project Management Software is an innovative project tool called GenSight. It may not be new to many of you but for those who do not know, GenSight is getting wide recognition in the customer service industry and has earned some esteemed clients.

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    GenSight is known to be a leading provider of Project Portfolio Management as a product portfolio management and IT portfolio management solutions software. It can be listed as one of those providers with the potential to provide effective solutions to any medium- or large-scale organization striving hard to improve its business performance with the help of different portfolio management tools and techniques. Various organizations all across the globe have implemented GenSight to support the integration of their technical projects all across the globe into an well-organized, global portfolio. Gensight Metrics 

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    Major Advantages of GenSight

    Some of the major advantages that drive potential clients toward GenSight are:

    Online Business Case Management GenSight effectively incorporates different kinds of tools and methodologies, which can help you successfully make the presence of your business felt on web.

    Decision Support With the incorporation of extensive capabilities in decision support modeling, GenSight lends a helping hand to let you prioritize as well as support go/kill decisions.

    Workflow GenSight also lets you take effective control of your business by letting you manage your workflow with extensive capabilities that can be designed per your needs and requirements.

    Financial Analysis – All of the common of forms of financial analysis like cost analysis, sales forecasts, ROI, profitability and NPV are supported by GenSight.

    Executive Dashboards – Almost all the executives as well as managers benefit from web-based dashboards that let you summarize operational and strategic information, current status and KPIs.

    Reports and ChartsGenSight possesses extensive knowledge of business intelligence functionality and provides you with real time reports and charts that are fully customizable.

    Resource ManagementAll forms of resource management, such as planning and allocation of resources, demand versus supply, plus the recording and tracking of time are very well taken care of by GenSight.

    Project Management DashboardsIt is the team member along with his project manager who benefits the most from project management dashboards as they help in summarizing and collating key information related to project management.

    Document ManagementThe integrated document management abilities of GenSight help you in storing, retrieving, and sharing almost any kind of document across your organization or venture.

    Configuration StudioThis software is fully configurable and compatible. You can easily combare it with your in-house processes in order to ensure that it is a perfect match to your business process.

    GenSight OptimizerGenSight’s resource optimizer module makes use of genetic search and optimization algorithms for the purpose of getting the most out of portfolio value against that of limited budget and resources.

    Portfolio Analyst Workbench – GenSight simulates portfolio evaluation with the help of high-end analytical tools for portfolio analysis.

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    What Makes This Product Different?

    GenSight as an organization is highly focused on realizing its objectives. Some of the best-of-breed solutions come to you when you invest in GenSight, and you are sure to get rapid returns on your investments. Moreover, the products and technologies that are applied at GenSight are applicable across many industries. In fact, GenSight has made its presence felt across a diverse range of industries that include healthcare, forest products, telecom, chemicals, and food and beverage. Integration to ERP systems, internal service departments, and corporate transformation programs are some of the other opportunities that help you to leverage benefits with GenSight. With a number of bluechip customers under its belt, GenSight has proven itself time and again; its customers have included none other than Georgia-Pacific, Sun Chemical, and Johnson and Johnson.

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    Contact Center

    For any kind of queries that you may have, you may get in touch with GenSight contact center by email at [email protected]. They have a dedicated group of professionals that strive to deliver only the best of products and services.

    For more details and product info, visit the company website