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ProjectKoach - Review

written by: Ronda Bowen • edited by: Marlene Gundlach • updated: 3/18/2012

ProjectKoach is a free software program designed to assist the Project Manager in the development process. It is easy to use, and it possesses characteristics that may be beneficial to people in many different areas where project management is useful.

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    What ProjectKoach Does

    ProjectKoach allows the user to plan her projects visually.It also works with a program by GOOD Software Inc. called OpenUp.The idea behind ProjectKoach is to facilitate ease of collaboration between teammates, sharing of project files, and task management.ProjectKoach can be a stand-alone program or as a plug-in for Eclipse.The team behind ProjectKoach developed a process (their word for the way things are done concerning project management) called Eclipse Process Framework (EPF).EPF works for academia, businesses, corporations, etc.ProjectKoach is available for free at the GOOD Software Inc. website.

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    How ProjectKoach Works

    ProjectKoach opens up with a database selection screen. Once you select your database, it then opens to the main screen, listing Projects, Project Plan, and tasks associated with the projects. Once you have created a project, you can then list other options – team members, tasks, and other parts of the project planning process. There are templates available for the different aspects of the process through GOOD Software’s OpenUP.

    The scheduling bar allows you to drag it across several weeks or months at a time, which facilitates ease of use. When you realize a given step requires more or less time, you can adjust accordingly without going into a specific screen.

    The program features a detailed “help” file. This file has sections that will walk you through every step of the project planning process. Also helpful is the EPF website with articles covering the Eclipse Process. Having these resources on hand is a big plus when it comes to using this program.

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    Screen Shots

    Desktop ScreenHelp File Screen
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    Is ProjectKoach for you?

    ProjectKoach is a program that works well for the non-technical minded individual. It also works great for small businesses and academics. When there is not a lot in the budget to spend on a project-management system, this program can meet the need.

    On the other hand, because ProjectKoach boasts simplicity, it may not work for you if you need something to keep track of budget, time sheets, or other aspects of project planning.

    ProjectKoach is for you if you do not need to keep track of budget, estimations, etc. or if you have another software program that already does this. If you want a program that will allow you to simplify the planning process and integrate team members than ProjectKoach will fill that need. It is not as detailed as Microsoft Project, or some of the other programs out there, but because of this, it is more user-friendly than other programs available.

    As with other project-management software, ProjectKoach will work best when fully integrated with the Eclipse Process Framework it compliments. However, utilizing the EPF is not necessary to derive benefits from ProjectKoach.