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Is Primavera® at the Top for Project and Portfolio Managment?

written by: Ronda Bowen • edited by: Michele McDonough • updated: 7/23/2009

This article examines whether or not Primavera is at the top of Portfolio Managment and the steps that Primavera has taken in order to put itself at the top.

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    What is Primavera ®?

    Primavera Magazine Primavera systems announced to the world in June that they are the leaders when it comes to IT Project and Portfolio management software. The company website promises “tangible results for companies and projects of all sizes – across your organization and around the world." Primavera’s products include:

    • Primavera P6®
    • Primavera ProSight® - Portfolio Management and Analysis
    • Primavera® Contract Manager – Contract Control
    • Primavera Pertmaster ® - Risk Management
    • Primavera® Cost Manager – Earned Value Management
    • Primavera Evolve®
    • Primavera® Contractor 6.1
    • Primavera Inspire®
    • Primavera Project Planner®(P3®) 3.1
    • Primavera Claim Digger®
    • Suretrack® Project Manager 3.0b

    In addition to producing these products, Primavera’s professional services are industry-specific. This means, for example, that the solutions for aerospace project management are tailored just as much as the solutions for the manufacturing sector.

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    What did Primavera® do to be at the top?

    One of the reasons Primavera bills itself as being the “Top" Project and Portfolio management is that its solutions are specific to the industry and its software is powerful enough to support global enterprises. The company also helps to identify priority projects. Because Primavera takes a more “hands-on" approach to assisting companies with their Project and Portfolio management, it gains a leg up on other software companies that produce “one-size fits all" software.

    In addition to software services, Primavera offers a number of training options – both at their facilities and on-site. Primavera promises results for improved productivity and product management in just twenty-five days through its consulting program. Primavera has an extensive support system for users of their product. Through webcasts, seminars, tradeshow appearances, and global conferences, Primavera makes every effort to be accessible to its users, and to meet user needs.

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    Is Primavera® at the top?

    Primavera Anniversary Seal The Primavera website brims with success stories of companies that utilize their products. Among some of these customers are:

    • AFLAC
    • Johnson and Johnson
    • AT&T Wireless
    • Hubble Telescope
    • The Los Angeles Unified School District
    • The US Army
    • Walt Disney China

    Because so many reputable companies trust Primavera with their Portfolio and Project Management needs, it would seem as though their statement is true - by user testimonials.

    Because it caters to each company’s specific needs, and because it is widely touted as being a very effective system, one has to wonder: At what cost? Primavera is not for the start-up business or the small business. While Primavera offers a very compelling comprehensive and unique package for project management, it is also very costly. In order to purchase the software, you must first contact a representative. With the SureTrak® Project Manager 3.0 priced at $750 (and this is the software billed as combining ease-of-use, power, and affordability), one can only imagine what the larger software bundle costs. While Primavera is on top for big businesses and global corporations, small business and start-up companies might be better off with one of those one-size fits all products.

    For more information about Primavera, take a look at Use Primavera to Improve Your Project Portfolio Management Process, by Ronda Levine.

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    Success StoriesPrimavera(r) screenshot courtesy of Primavera(r) website