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Time Tracking Software for Employees: Dedicated Hardware and Software Solutions

written by: Joe Taylor Jr. • edited by: Michele McDonough • updated: 7/6/2011

Organizations that traditionally relied on punch cards or other manual modes of time tracking can now take advantage of more sophisticated tools.

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    Punching a New Kind of Clock

    Photo credit Michael-B via Flickr Because some companies prefer to use dedicated hardware for worker time logging, a variety of hybrid tools help take the concept of “punching the clock" to the next level. Likewise, some organizations may need to use identity cards or biometrics, to verify the identify of employees as they clock in and out. In both cases, developers of time tracking software have made their tools compatible with specialized hardware solutions.

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    New Editions of Traditional Time Clocks

    In some environments, employers may need to combine the convenience of time tracking software with an auditable paper trail. The Cleveland Time Clock and Service Company has been in the business of tracking employee time and projects since the 1920s. The latest models of electronic punch clocks can custom print authorization codes or project details on punch cards, while logging employee activity to a simple file or to a database.

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    Telephone Time Tracking Software

    For employees on external job sites and at client locations, some time tracking tools now offer telephone access and verification features. Services like Chronotek allow employers to pair offsite projects with verified telephone numbers. When employees dial in to a special, toll-free phone number, their punch-in and punch-out details are recorded in a database. Employers can monitor attendance remotely from a secure website, and receive alerts when employees fail to check in for jobs on time. Database details from this hybrid time tracking software tool can be exported to a variety of spreadsheet and payroll systems.

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    Advanced Time Tracking Hardware Solutions

    Some organizations have invested heavily in smart cards, RFID tags, and other new forms of security technology that can also be adapted for use as time tracking tools. Companies like Time Clock Plus carry a variety of dedicated time tracking hardware systems, including card swipers, barcode scanners, and RFID receivers. Scanners can be tied to a local network for integration with a master database, or they can be set up to collect information for later export.

Time Tracking Software for Employees

As companies strive for higher efficiency and accountability, system administrators are frequently tasked with finding the best time tracking software for their organizations.
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