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Time Tracking Software for Employees: Mobile Solutions

written by: Joe Taylor Jr. • edited by: Jean Scheid • updated: 11/15/2010

Mobile time tracking software has become essential in today's creative workplaces. Here are some tools that blend the convenience of installed software with the power of web-based or server-based time tracking solutions.

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    Mobile Solutions

    As knowledge workers increasingly clock in and out from home and from remote locations, mobile time tracking software for employees has become vital in many organizations. A growing number of creative professionals perform their jobs in the field. These professionals need the same ability to log their time as their colleagues in the office. Mobile solutions, especially those designed to work on smart cell phones and on wireless handheld devices, can bridge the gap between the field and the payroll office.

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    FreshBooks: Web & iPhone Integration

    For creative agencies, service companies and solo freelancers, FreshBooks offers a highly functional time tracking software platform via common web browsers. Their custom iPhone time tracking software for employees opens a path from users’ mobile devices directly to the service’s task logging database. Administrators can populate user menus with lists of clients and projects, so hours can be logged appropriately. In the field, employees can assure clients that they are being billed only for the time being used. Meanwhile, back at the office, employers can seamlessly integrate logged hours into client invoices and billing at custom rates for each level of employee involved in the project.

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    BlackBerry Time Tracking Software for Employees

    BlackBerry devices have taken the business world by storm, so it’s no surprise that a growing number of developers offer time tracking software on this mobile platform. Many of these tools, like TimeWatch, allow employees to clock in and out using their mobile devices, while managers can monitor attendance and compliance from their own remote locations.

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    Palm Treo Time Tracking Software for Employees

    Palm devices have been a mainstay of the enterprise for over a decade, so it’s no surprise that a number of developers offer specialized time tracking tools for employees with Treos and other Palm PDAs. AllTime is one of the most respected time tracking software packages for the Palm OS, allowing hourly billed professionals to accurately log time and projects. By passing device data through PalmSync, users can move reports and raw information into company billing and payroll systems.

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    Cross-Platform Time Tracking Software for Employees

    Thanks to the latest generation of flexible mobile web browsers, stripped down versions of online time tracking software tools can now be accessed remotely. For example, ClickTime offers a mobile version of their website that users can reach with smartphones with Apple, RIM, and Windows Mobile operating systems. This kind of solution works best in environments that have deployed multiple mobile platforms, especially when a system administrator seeks a single point of connection for reports and data downloads.

Time Tracking Software for Employees

As companies strive for higher efficiency and accountability, system administrators are frequently tasked with finding the best time tracking software for their organizations.
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