Time Tracking Software for Employees: Most Requested Features

Time Tracking Software for Employees: Most Requested Features
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Modernizing the TIme Clock

Over the past decade, so many time tracking solutions have emerged that a decision often comes down to a combination of price, platform, and features. Here are six time tracking features requested most often by both users and administrators:


Installing time tracking software should be easy for system administrators to handle, especially on complex networks in secure environments. In organizations where staff members are paid for punching in and out, time tracking software should be secure enough to prevent timecard tampering.

Ease of Use

In environments where hourly workers are required to punch in and punch out to get paid, it’s easy to implement time tracking software. However, creative shops and other organizations where tasks merge into each other may pose more of a challenge. Software should be intuitive enough for team members to make it a regular part of their workflow.

Single Sign On

Many companies already use intranets, networks, and other tools that require a login. To maximize their effectiveness, time tracking software should be able to work with existing usernames and passwords. Developers often achieve this by allowing software to hook into directory servers or by making it easy for administrators to import lists of login details.

Job and Client Tracking

To maximize the value of time tracking software, it should be able to help financial managers understand the cost centers for each part of a team member’s day. Assigning hours to jobs and clients expedites billing, and can help give project managers early warning when projects start to exceed their budgets.


Although all time tracking software packages offer some level of reporting, the most effective systems allows administrators to export data into outside systems, like payroll and invoicing software platforms. The advantage of choosing very basic exporting systems is that they can be used with the widest variety of processing tools. However, some proprietary systems offer comprehensive middleware solutions that work automatically with the most popular accounting and payroll solutions.


Most time tracking software systems are simple enough to maintain after initial setup. However, system administrators should take the time to investigate the kinds of problems experienced by other users and the level of support offered by developers. Experiencing even a few hours of downtime can lead to days of attempting to recreate data that might not pass muster with auditors.

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