Improve Product Quality with Project Management

Improve Product Quality with Project Management
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Ah…Product Quality

Everyone wants the best product for the lowest price. Product quality improvements is one of the biggest reasons new projects are undertaken. The true value of project management is its ability to improve product quality. Quality products work better, are more reliable and will create repeat customers for your business.

Poor product quality on the other hand will steer customers and clients away from your business. Good product quality planning involves planning the product carefully, developing the product, testing the product and releasing the product. These steps are all simply managed using project management techniques.

Improving Product Quality with Project Management


One popular project management method known for its focus on product quality is Six Sigma. Six Sigma relies on metrics for measuring customer and client satisfaction. It seeks to increase satisfaction by eliminating defects in the product. The basic six sigma process consists of several steps: defining goals, measuring key figures in order to meet those goals, analyzing data to see if the data is meeting the goals, optimizing the product design and verifying the product design.

Another project management method that is results or product oriented is the Scrum method. Scrum methodology focuses upon software product management. Its goal is to produce a quality software release. The two primary steps in the Scrum method that help to ensure product quality are: Compiling and prioritizing the tasks from the backlog and the sprint (15-30 days of focused work on the task list).

Finally, project management improves product quality by making quality improvements a goal**.** Because projects focus upon each goal and then break it down into deliverables and milestones, the undertaking of improving quality becomes less daunting. It is much easier for project managers and teams to finish one bite at a time than by biting off a huge chunk. By tackling product quality improvements one small step at a time, big leaps ahead in terms of quality are possible.

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